John William Trotter



Clinics and Consulting

Cr. Trotter is renowned for his work with a wide range of ensembles, including school, church, and community groups.  Following rehearsal or workshop sessions, he makes himself available to meet with the music staff and key supporters from within or outside the organization to discuss artistic, strategic, repertoire, organizational, and professional development matters.

Directors are saying:

Excellent leadership - positive energy - and a real great workout for the guys! Congrats - and thanks for your hard work. I can tell that you were giving everything you could - and it really paid off. The guys...were really pumped and looking forward to Sunday.  
Your contribution in the workshop was absolutely key to the quality of engagement and lift of encouragement amidst the singers. You left great building blocks and joie de vivre. Many people came to me saying how much they would like you to come back.  
Your rehearsal techniques are outstanding; you accomplish so much in such a musical manner. You combine fun and education in your rehearsals and that is priceless. I also want to thank you once again for taking the time to work with my high school students. I'm sure they will never forget what they learned from you - not to mention the wonderful experience that they had performing with the choir.  
just loved what you did - and want to learn how to do what you do. It was inspirational.