John William Trotter



Conducting Workshops

As a teacher of conducting, Dr. Trotter interacts with student and mid-career conductors who seek to develop in the areas of gesture, score study and interpretation, rehearsal technique, and professional development planning.  

When requested, he also interacts simultaneously with conductors and their ensembles, supporting the work of the conductor by fostering clear communication between the podium and ensemble, and by planting seeds for performance excellence.

Presentations to groups of conductors have included:
  • 10 minute score study for busy educators
  • Hit the ground running: warming up minds and voices
  • Both sides now: developing weak hand independence
  • IPA for everybody
  • Orchestral Conducting for choral conductors
  • Choral Conducting for orchestral conductors
  • Next steps: planning your own artistic and professional development

Mr. Trotter has taught conducting at the National Conductors' Symposium, the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, the BCCF Choral Directorship Course, United Church of Canada Music Week, the British Columbia Choral Mentorship Project, and at the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music, among others. 

Conductors are saying:
I personally was really engaged...and felt very in the moment and felt well connected with the choir.  
I believe I gained confidence as a music leader through this experience.