John William Trotter



Festival Adjudicating

Dr. Trotter has served as an adjudicator and master teacher for numerous music festivals.  In his work with large and small ensembles, as well as with soloists, he is known for his friendly and fruitful interactions with students.  

Participants and organizers are saying:

Thank you so much for sharing this week with us. You truly have a gift not only for music but in discernment and honest communication. Thank you again. We have learned much!  
You have a wonderful approach, and humor eases the tension so that the students have an atmosphere to hear your tips and instruction.  
All the students, teachers, and parents would like to thank you for joining us for Music Week. You were very thorough and helpful as well as funny with the students. We hope you enjoyed your time here as well. There would be no hesitation in asking you back at a later date.