John William Trotter



Improvisation Workshops

Musical improvisation is the other half of music fluency.  Though everyone improvises in spoken conversation without a second thought, even experienced professional musicians can find themselves 'stuck' or 'blocked' when it comes to improvising musically.

Dr. Trotter leads workshops with groups of instrumentalists and singers in which he opens up the fascinating world of musical improvisation.  Participants range from recreational musicians to conservatory-trained professionals to experienced improvisers looking for new directions and inspiration.  

The structure of each workshop is custom-designed to participants and their interests.  With participants as co-creators, each session soon takes on a life of its own.  

Participants are saying:

What a fun evening that was, and valuable learning.  
It gave me lots to think about...You know so much and share it in such an easy, breezy fun way.  
The workshop was truly magical and I feel very thankful and honoured to have been able to participate. My performance anxiety -- which briefly peaked after I realized that other participants were much more experienced and talented musicians -- dissipated pretty quickly in the atmosphere of encouragement and support from you and from all the other singers.  
George Rose, participant
You allowed us to fully participate without fear of judgment...and you know how to bring musical information to life - allowing people to flower in their own time...  
...wanted to thank you both for your encouragement and inspiration...I've been buzzing ever since! I have this deep down feeling in my bones that I get how this works now...for the first time I feel that I can really make music on the piano as opposed to playing music.  
Kathryn Murray-Hoenig, participant