John William Trotter



Pre-concert Presentations

A gifted communicator and advocate for the arts, Dr. Trotter has presented pre-concert talks and demonstrations in Canada, the United States and Asia in connection with choral, orchestral, operatic, and new music performances.  

Constantly in search of innovative ways to reach new audiences and engage their fullest participation, he has addressed full houses from the stage, led audiences in singing as they entered the hall, given pre-concert talks in the lobby, and even presented from a piano on board a train carrying audience members to a performance!  His approach is characterized by deep passion for the repertoire, a welcoming attitude toward the audience, humor, and audience participation.  

Producers and audience members are saying:

First-rate in every dimension. You display a remarkable blend of thoughtful scholarship and folksy, almost improvisatory chat that connects very well with the lay audience member and faculty member alike.  
Pithy and informative!  
When do you next talk? I want to come!